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Updated: Monday, February 24, 2020
How Much Will New Home Upgrades Cost?
If youre thinking of buying a new home, understanding and considering these extra costs is important. Many buyers fall in love with a model home and a... FULL STORY ->
Promoting Safety and Preventing Property Damage
Regardless of what the law requires, the real estate industry needs to be at the forefront of safety.Regardless of what the law says about assumption ... FULL STORY ->
The Sneaky, Costly Little Secret of FHA Loans
First, a little primer on mortgage insurance. Mortgage insurance protects lenders from losing money if you default on the loan, said NerdWallet. Most ... FULL STORY ->
Jeff Bezos Didn’t Use an Agent to Buy His $165 Million Estate. Here’s Eight Reasons Not to Be Like Jeff
The property is, admittedly, stunning. Geffen reportedly auctioned off about 11 million worth of original furnishings, which he deemed too musty and m... FULL STORY ->
Ask The HOA Expert: Can The Board Modify Architectural Design Policy?
Answer: This kind of policy is generally amendable by the board when its in resolution form a separate document outside the recorded governing documen... FULL STORY ->
4 Home Security Features to Increase Safety and Peace of Mind
There are a million scenarios like this each year--in fact, 3.7 million of them. Of these 3.7 million homes with break-ins in the United States, only ... FULL STORY ->
Growing Wealth in the Vacation Rental Market: Advice for First-Time Investors
The Right SpotFirst, think like a vacationer. You want a place in a beautiful and easily accessible natural setting, with lots to do and see. For many... FULL STORY ->
7 Affordable Decorating Ideas for A Lovely Patio
Try Vertical GardeningThere is no such rule that you can only use the grounds surface for planting. Why not add a t>Use FabricThe right use of fabric ... FULL STORY ->
Tips for Updating Your House in an Up-and-Coming Neighborhood
Exterior paint can also help your home stand out in the neighborhood, offering more foot traffic and curb appeal should you decide to list your house.... FULL STORY ->
How to Save Time, Ease Workload with Online CRE Management Platforms
Kladok is one of the newer online management platforms looking to shift this trend. Having one centralized platform tailor-made specifically for CRE p... FULL STORY ->
“Mattress Money” and Mortgages
One of the more important things lenders look at when evaluating a home loan application is how much money is available for the transaction. There nee... FULL STORY ->
February Real Estate Roundup
Freddie Macs results of its Primary Mortgage Market Survey shows that "This weeks mortgage rates were the second lowest in three years, supporting hom... FULL STORY ->
Divorce, Separation and Home Loans
When two or more people apply for a mortgage to buy a home, each person who will live in the home and on the application agree to be responsible for t... FULL STORY ->
3 Tips for Buying a House That Will Support Your Lifestyle
You need a home that will conveniently fit your routines, hobbies, and expectations. Whether thats a ranch in the country or a small city townhouse, i... FULL STORY ->
Home Restoration vs Home Renovation: Their Stark Differences and Their Best Uses
Well, the words home restoration and home renovation are kind of like that in terms of how easy it is to mistake one for the other and even worse, int... FULL STORY ->
Save Big by Going Green With These Sustainability Tips
Practicing Sustainable Laundry HabitsWhen it comes to trimming the electric bills or finding more effective ways to minimize the utility costs, the la... FULL STORY ->
Easy Curb Appeal Updates For 2020
Tidy Up The YardYou may not have the time or the money to invest in brand new landscaping, but that doesnt mean that you cant make the yard look clean... FULL STORY ->
DIY Management In A Homeowner Association
According to The Owners and Managers Guide to Condominium Management: "For self-management to be successful, unit owners must have plenty of time and ... FULL STORY ->
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