One of the biggest trends in home design right now are painted or colored cabinets. Typically, kitchen cabinets are white or natural wood color. Now, however, a lot of designers and homeowners are moving out of the confines of these traditional cabinet color palettes.

If youre considering painting your cabinets, the following are some things to keep in mind and some trends to consider.

Take Into Account the Rest of the Room

Before you paint your cabinets, consider the rest of your kitchen, and if its an open-concept space, the living and dining room as well. If youre completely remodeling your kitchen, this isnt as much of a concern because you can build your color palette and design around the color of the cabinets.

If youre just doing a cabinet refresh, you do want to keep the rest of the design in mind.

For example, if youre going with a dark cabinet color, is it going to make the rest of the space too dark, or is there enough natural light to balance it out?

Sometimes a fun color can also work as a neutral, such as a shade of gray.

Dont Go Too Trendy

While the idea of having a fun kitchen cabinet color is appealing, be honest with yourself before you jump in. If youre someone who gets sick of things easily, you need to be careful. That mint green shade might seem perfect now, but will you still feel that way in a few months?

Its best if you choose a color that you can work around in other ways if you want a refresh in the future.

New Neutrals

As was touched on, you can still have a unique kitchen and cabinets that are a beautiful color while maintaining a neutral color palette. When it comes to cabinets, maybe you go for greige, which is a combination of gray and beige. Its chic and unexpected, but its still a neutral that gives you a lot of wiggle room if you want to change your design in the future.

Navy is also a beautiful color for cabinets that still is versatile enough to be used in different designs. Navy is a >

Even doing a warmer white as opposed to bright white gives your kitchen cabinets a distinct feel but keeps you in a zone thats easy to work around with the rest of your design.

Dark Colors

If you have enough natural light in your kitchen and you want something bold and dramatic, there are a lot of beautiful dark colors that are on-trend right now. For example, dark greens, dark grays, and even black are popular cabinet color options.

Theres a lot of depth and emotion thats created when your cabinets are dark.

The beauty of dark cabinets is also that they hide stains and spills, so if your kitchen gets a lot of use, dark cabinets can be low-maintenance.

Finally, if you want to go with something even more unique and colorful, like a bright green, balance it with neutrals elsewhere. For example, maybe you have an all-white kitchen, but your cabinets are your primary pop of color. You can also do a contrasting island thats a more unusual color, while the perimeter cabinets or white or neutral.

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